District also manages the investments for the larger, Malek Family Office. The Malek Family Office has significant interests in hospitality technology and service companies, insurance companies, data centers, lifestyle and recreation companies, and residential real estate.

Data Centers

We invested with seasoned operators to build one of the largest data center companies in the world. District invested in deal number 1 which was raw land in Ashburn Va to build the first data center. The company continued to grow and District continued to invest as the company went public (“DFT”) and then ultimately sold to Digital Realty for approximately $8B resulting. The Office also has investments in 5 other data centers located in Northern VA, Chicago, South America, and Paris.


District Hospitality continues to build out a portfolio of single-family residential rental properties throughout Washington DC, Maryland, Florida, Colorado, and California.

Recreation Companies

District Hospitality has invested in recreation companies serving leisure and youth pursuits. A prime example of these investments is Black Bear Sports Group, Inc. (“BBSG”), a privately held company formed in 2015 that seeks investments in sports and entertainment facilities primarily around ice arenas, youth, and adult hockey. Black Bear has become the largest owner and manager of youth hockey rinks and facilities in the United States.


With high returns and repeatable revenue, District Hospitality invests in insurance companies and services supporting hotels and restaurants. District Hospitality believes in providing tailored, vetted and turn-key benefits solutions to the hospitality industry to reduce healthcare costs across the board.


To that end, District Hospitality works closely with Hospitality Benefits (2012), which has become a go-to source for the hospitality industry, offering robust plans to hotel employees while keeping a strict and creative hand on cost management.