Hospitality Investments for the Future

Who we are

District Hospitality Partners is a privately held investment group uniquely positioned to reimagine the hospitality industry and accelerate its recovery and growth. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. region, District Hospitality owns, operates, and invests in the future of hospitality. 


Our mission is to unlock sustainable and long-term value for our Principles and Limited Partners’ capital through disciplined and conservative hospitality investments generally made on an opportunistic basis.


District Hospitality leverages a 40 year track record, 100 years of collective experience, deep hospitality relationships, and proven know-how in hospitality e-commerce, personnel management, and hospitality technology which provides the foundation to drive economic value into our investments.


We acquire off-market hospitality assets at below replacement costs and then reposition them with brand optimization, revenue enhancements, and cost center reductions. We then harvest the investment until selling when market conditions are strong.


Preferred Structures


We take controlling stakes in hospitality properties where we are the sole GP with our Limited Partners. We also invest as Co-GP’s with other like-minded investment firms.

General Partnership
Member take outs

We invest in General Partnerships where one partner wants out by purchasing the departing General Partner member’s interests.


We also invest in situations where owners need capital to cover debt service.

Target Asset Types

Preferred Investments

Leisure Hotels: We focus on distressed leisure hotels in the Southeast & Caribbean where we can re-position through renovations and flag changes.

Group Hotels that can be completely repositioned with higher and better usage.
Class B transient hotels located in class A CBD locations where we reconfigure into higher-rated assets.
Limited service hotels located in 24-hour suburbs with harvestable cash flow.

Investment Success