District Hospitality Partners is a privately held investment group uniquely positioned to reimagine the hospitality industry and accelerate its recovery and growth. District Hospitality owns, operates, and invests in the future of hospitality.


Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. region, District Hospitality invests across the DC and Southeast region and the Caribbean, with a focus on transforming troubled hotels into high-performing assets. Our mission is to unlock sustainable, resilient growth and long-term value for our investors and our partners through disciplined and conservative hospitality investments generally made on an opportunistic basis. 


At District, we partner with hospitality industry leaders, investors, and technology innovators bringing deep operational expertise and a commitment to analytic rigor across all of our property investments. With a long tenure of working and innovating in the hospitality space, we merge industry sector trends and business fundamentals to enhance the operating performance of our portfolio.


Through strategic investment, partnerships, and technologies, District Hospitality leverages in-house expertise to scale up and reach new regions and revenue streams. Our nimble group ​​allows us to approach deals and development with the flexibility and efficiency that larger companies lack. We build solid partnerships with company owners and management teams to develop and execute their growth strategies. Through our meaningful, diverse operating experience and active approach, we strive to be more of a business partner than an investor.


District Hospitality also manages The Malek Family Office representing a larger investment portfolio with significant interests in hospitality technology and service companies, insurance companies, data centers, residential real estate, and lifestyle and recreation companies.


District Hospitality is the hotel-focused branch of the larger Malek Family Office, whose impact began 50 years ago when our late Founder, Frederic V Malek became President of Marriott hotels. Joining forces with Fred W Malek, CEO of District, this experience later evolved into Thayer Lodging Group, one of the most prolific and successful private equity groups focused on hospitality.


In addition to hotel real estate, the principals in partnership with JinJiang Hotels, acquired, owned, and later sold Interstate Hotels, the largest third-party hotel management company in the world. The principals further revolutionized hotel website marketing and reservation systems with the founding and eventual sale of TIG Global to Micros (Oracle), while additionally making multiple investments in leading hospitality technology companies to include Shanghai based Hubs1, a central reservation system consolidation play in mainland China before its successful sale.


After the sale of these projects, District Hospitality emerged under the guidance of Fred W. Malek. Across these ventures, we have invested several billion dollars in hospitality assets across the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


The hospitality industry is at an inflection point. Standards of operation, employee care, and sustainability have risen to top hospitality agendas. At District Hospitality, we are committed to meeting and exceeding these new expectations and reimagining the travel and leisure world with the people management, operations, marketing strategy, and capital needed to deliver an enhanced hospitality industry– for people, planet, and market growth.



At District Hospitality, we strive to always deliver on our commitments to all stakeholders– from partners to investors. This dedication is the cornerstone of how we approach business and ensure resilient growth for all of our projects.


Throughout our history, we have been devoted to innovating how we approach business– from technology to management styles. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking allows us to find solutions no matter the challenge.


Our team approaches every deal, partnership, and project with a commitment to finding and reaching the best solution.


Fred Malek is a tenured hospitality investor and career entrepreneur with 30 years of delivering value in the hospitality and investment space. Over his career, Fred has financed and invested several billion dollars into hospitality real estate investment projects. He has served as both an investor and founder for successfully scaled startups across digital marketing, workforce strategy, employee benefits, and nonprofits.


Fred has longtime roots in the D.C. region, with national and global reach, and believes that recovery and economic growth are inextricably linked with investments in local hospitality. He holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, an undergraduate degree from the United States Naval Academy, and served in the Navy Special Forces. He is also active and supportive of many non-profits with an emphasis on veterans’ affairs.